Message in a ….Suitcase?


It was twenty years ago. I was shopping the antique stores looking for unique things to furnish my house. In one store, hidden in a corner, was a leather suitcase. An old one with straps around it. I pulled it out and decided I loved it.

As I was cleaning it up, I felt a bump and heard a crunch under the inside liner. I worked the one-page note out the edge of the liner. Dated 1945, it said, “Meet me by the hickory tree. If you aren’t there, I’ll know you didn’t mean it.” It was a man’s writing.


Thanks to Charli at the Carrot Ranch for the prompt and photo!


  1. The best stories are perhaps the ones that remain untold. Unsaid words, unrequited emotions can have profound impact on the ripe listener. These ten odd lines from you have stirred up so many pent up aches in my heart; I donot know whether I should thank you for them or not. But I would definitely love to read more. God bless you.


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