#weekendcoffeeshare – 3/29/2019

“Come on in, everyone, and have coffee or tea with me. It’s really good to be back to have coffee with you! You can have your choice of any of the hot beverages on the kitchen island. Then, please, join me in my writing studio.”

If I were having coffee with you this weekend, I would be really glad to see each and every one of you and to read up on how you are doing! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ll try to catch you up on what’s happening with me.

I haven’t had much time for blogging, unfortunately, in the last few months. It is unfortunate because blogging and writing short fiction here really helped me hone my writing skills. Not just writing myself, but reading all your incredible stories on your blogs. When I come back, that’s what I do – read your blogs since I haven’t had time to write here myself.

If I were having coffee with you, I would tell you that I’m working a more or less full-time writing job now. It started out as part-time, but quickly escalated to full-time and that was fine with me. It is a pretty high pressure gig which is the only part I don’t like, but most writing jobs are as I’m sure you know. When I’m not writing for my job, I’m reading and planning my book. Some of you may remember that I was writing a book, but I abandoned that project in favor of a much more interesting book project. I’m in the research stages of it since the book is historical in nature and I have to learn all I can about the time period about which I’ll be writing.

I thought my book project was going to be a novel. It may morph into a creative non-fiction book – a memoir of sorts. Although I’ll be writing about other people more than myself. I’ll be serving as narrator, but my story will weave in and out of their story. At least, this is the way I’m envisioning it now. As book writing goes, it may change! I’ll be attending a writer’s retreat in the fall to get some help writing the entire first draft.

So that’s what is going on with me. Life continues on as usual otherwise. It is very early spring in Kentucky. It’s still cold and I’m ready for warmer weather. The new puppy, Tucker, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, who I talked about last time I was here is now a year old and a real handful. We’ve started obedience class and he certainly needs it. I hope I survive it!

Some other news! I’m starting a new blog that I hope you will look at! It is about the issues facing the U.S. today and is called “life in pieces.” It’s located at https://usatheissues.com. We’ll talk about just that……plus my inevitable ramblings, but it’s not a fiction blog. Posts will not be daily. Just when I have time.

I’d love to hear about what all of you are doing. I’m probably just dropping in, but I’ll try to keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by for coffee today.


  1. Great that you’re a full time writer. Hope your spring is going well and that the 1 year puppy isn’t running you too ragged. Have a good weekend.


  2. So pleased to hear that you are fitting in your own writing along with working as a full-time writer. Not always easy to do, I’m sure. Best wishes for your book writing…and with the dog training. ::grin::


  3. A writing job i@ great! You’ll find a groove and find that time for your book. Good luck.


  4. I am so glad we had coffee this morning to catch up! How exciting that you are writing so much and for work too. High pressure isn’t always fun but it sounds like you are handling it well.
    Congrats on the new blog too. I will check it out.


  5. Hi Kathleen, wait – no current photos of Tucker????
    You must provide a photo update of your cute little monster. I’ll bet he’s a handful.

    I hope you’ve checked out my story collection lately because I’ve done some polishing and like it much better now. I’m almost done with the first project of telling fun memories and think I have the “voice” down pretty good. Early on, I chose all first person, slightly rowdy and short 2000 words or less.

    I think it worked and now I have this image of each story happening around a virtual coffee table where a small bunch of good friends are telling stories about the adventures they got into as life unfolded.

    Thanks for being a follower, but in case you’ve not seen the home page of the collection, please do stop by for a quick look at https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/ . Some of the best stuff I’ve learned about this blogging thing have come from those priceless readers.

    If I had a better throwing arm, I’d step outside and toss you a handful of the bright sunshine we’re starting to enjoy.



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