#weekendcoffeeshare – 8/8/2020

Hi all! It’s been a while since I have participated in a #weekendcoffeeshare, but I’m glad to be back. Please join me in a cup of coffee and I’ll share with you what’s been going on in my life.

For several years, I blogged extensively on this site – mostly fiction and mostly flash fiction. I learned a lot! I had been a writer for years, but this blog helped me get back into it after a long sabbatical when life got in the way of writing. After several years of writing on this blog, I took a writing job and then another and a freelance writing career was born. I’m still working for both companies, but I’m also going to make time to blog here because of two reasons.

First, I’ve missed it. I’ve missed writing here. I’ve missed all of you. I need to get back to it. Second, I’m working with a literary agent who wants me to have a platform. I detest social media, but it is the way of the world now. I have a limited presence on social media, but I’d prefer that my platform be this blog. I’m interested in writing a book with (possibly) this agent or another one. So, I’m back and glad to be back!

This blog will be a little different going forward. I’ll still write some fiction, but I’ll focus more on non-fiction. Women’s issues such as gender inequality and wage inequity and many offshoots of those topics. Writings about where I come from which is a part of the US called Appalachia, a very interesting cultural region. Politics and cultural/social change as they relate to women’s issues and just in general. COVID19 and its effects on us and our society. You get the picture. I will slowly reorganize this blog into just a few categories – fiction, non-fiction, Appalachia. Maybe a few more. I’ll probably blog twice a week and I’ll participate in some of the prompts as well.

I look forward to seeing the posts of my old friends as well as making new friends, so please join me!



  1. Hi Rosemary. It’s good to have you back. When I was a very new blogger, this group was where I found my first blog friendships. I still lok forward to each weekend crafting an essay and circling back to see what others are up to. Sometimes conversations start up.

    BTW: should you be interested, for reasons that mostly suit my desire to go back and review stuff, I have saved the links to almost all the coffee shares back to mid-May of 2018. I keep them in a flat file style WordPress page. I’ve only missed a handful of weeks. I checked several of them recently and they all seem to be right where I last saw them.

    The navigation is very simple: My Story Blog -> Coffee Shares -> Coffee Share Article Index
    Here’s the first link: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/
    The link to the full collection of contributor essays is always up near the top of my essay for any given week.

    There have been several times when I recalled something I wrote to a peer or s/he wrote to me that I want to revisit or followup on. This link collection has paid off several time. You would be welcome to use my list to go back in time and revisit any friends you miss.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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  2. I much prefer the blogging community to interactions on social media at least you have context on what’s going on than simply seeing a picture and jumping to a conclusion in 1840 characters hahahaha
    Welcome back and a pleasure to make your acquaintance

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