Hope and the Crescent Moon – #writephoto

“Maybe the crescent moon is a hopeful sign,” she said to him.

They were sitting on their porch looking off at the crescent moon hanging above the treetops. The quiet of their neighborhood permeated her thoughts. It had been like this most of the time since the pandemic started. Even though the homes were an acre apart, people were afraid of the deadly virus and stayed inside. One in a while, the children came out to play and she welcomed the noise they made.

“It’s been like this for months,” he replied. “When will life ever be normal again or will it?”

John was more restless than she was. He was pulling at the restraints that the pandemic placed upon him. He was a more social person and missed the interactions with his friends and family. She was more of an introvert, but even she was tired. Tired of being afraid. Tired of never feeling free to come and go. They both missed their family and friends.

“It’s so eerily quiet, John,” she said. 

“Even when we drive to the city, the streets are empty. Everyone is either working from home or not working at all.”

“Have you noticed how people that we do see look?” John asked. “We all seem to have a deer in the headlights look of panic and fear on our faces. Everyone is just down and out. We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetimes.”

“You know the crescent shape of the moon with either end pointing up as they are signifies feminine strength and energy. Women are strong, John. We have to endure a lot. I’m going to look at that moon and gather strength from it. We’re going to make it through this crisis.”

“I’ve been so afraid that you will get sick,” John said. “I know you’re strong and we both have to gather all our strength and not make a mistake.”

“This will pass,” she said. “After the waning crescent moon is the new moon. A time of enlightenment and renewal. Maybe that time will bring good news to all of us.”


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