Gun Control: Guns vs. Our Children

Gun control
44 Magnum hand gun with copy space

Often, I write fiction on this blog, but occasionally, I will write what is essentially an op-ed piece about an important issue, gun control in this case. Gun control, and any laws we might pass concerning gun control, is controlled by the U.S. Congress. The shame of it all is that the U.S. Congress is controlled by the gun lobby. In other words, money from the National Rifle Association (NRA). We don’t have effective gun control laws in the U.S. due to the inaction of Congress who think more about lining their pockets than about the children affected by the gun control laws. Children like those destroyed at Sandy Hook and just yesterday, in Texas.

What are we thinking? Why do we elect Senators and Representatives who won’t support or vote for serious gun control legislation in the U.S.? What if it were one of your children in the schools that have experienced mass shootings? Don’t give me a rant about the Second Amendment or your so-called liberties. Those are excuses. Why do you have an issue with strict laws aimed at illegal guns on the streets if you are a licensed gun owner and don’t plan to use your guns in the wrong way? Why do you have that AR-15 in your garage? Do you need it to hunt food? Even those among you who are hunters know the answer to that. It doesn’t take an AR-15 to kill a deer.

There have been over 200 mass shootings in the U.S. since the beginning of 2022. Two hundred days haven’t even passed yet. Is it any wonder that home schooling is on the rise? Our society in the U.S. is fracturing and even though gun control isn’t the only issue, it is surely one of the bigger issues. Do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem?

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  1. There’s no where safe from idiots with guns. Even in a hiking (not hunting) forested area, some people were playing with a high caliber handgun which a young woman accidentally discharged in my direction. Even though I was some ways away, the round reached me after “flattering out” as it passed through ranches, etc., and struck my groin. There was still enough power behind the round to cause the loss of my manhood. To my knowledge, the gun wasn’t confiscated from the owner and the woman who castrated me received only a slap on the wrist. It was an accident after all.


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