This Week – weekendcoffeeshare #72


Good Saturday morning and welcome to #weekendcoffeeshare #72! If we were having coffee, I’d have a selection ready for you – espresso, cappachino, and more. I’d also offer you tea. I buy flavored black teas (cinnamon is wonderful!) and a selection of green tea. Please help yourself and thank you for stopping by!

Now that you have your beverage, how was your week? It’s been an interesting week for me. How do you feel about high school class reunions? Not only did I have a high school class reunion this week but an ”all-school” reunion. I went to a small, private school on the local university campus for grades 0-12. Each class had about 30 kids and we moved lock-step through the grades. The bottom line is that we got an excellent education and grew up more like siblings than classmates. The school was for the purpose of training student teachers. It is long since closed and student teachers are trained out in communities in the public school system.

We’re still close, those classes that went my school – Breck. We still have individual class reunions and all-school reunions and this week was our 5-year all school reunion. Of course, we enjoy seeing each other. But as the years pass, it starts getting a little sad. Maybe someone has passed away since the last reunion. Maybe we’re just all starting to look and feel old. Maybe….well…a thousand other things. I only went to an event or two this year, but it was a little sad for me and since I’ve been feeling particularly aware of my age anyway, the reunion didn’t help! Something to think about, I guess.

I’m used to living a pretty quiet life. Quiet both figuratively and literally. The reunion shook that up this week. This may sound contradictory, but I’m also used to living as a bit of an activist for causes I believe in, so I’m around people who tend to have similar viewpoints. At a reunion, you find many different viewpoints and some of them, at least for me, were fairly shocking. But this is the country we live in these days.

Speaking of both silence and activism, do you remember the Simon and Garfunkel song, ”The Sound of Silence,” from WAY back? There is a version of that song covered by another band that I love. I think it could be an anthem for the times we live in now as it was 50 years ago. Here’s a clip. Hope you enjoy it!

Are you reading anything particularly good these days? I’m reading ”Bleak House” by Charles Dickens. When I retired, I promised myself to read a great deal, both classics and new literature. It’s really good so far!

It’s been cool in northeastern KY this week. The nights have been very cool for June, but the heat and humidity are supposed to arrive soon.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  1. Hi Rosemary.
    I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with school reunions. First, I never quite fit the social mold of my high school and instead made some close friends elsewhere and invested in them. After my first college, a trade school where I learned electronics engineering, I landed a job that took me 2+ hours from home to Silicone Valley. There I started a whole new life, with mostly new friends and (unwisely) mostly just abandoned my old life and friends.
    It allowed me to grow, but it also cut ties that I now regret and left me without many roots in those people who I left behind. Thus, reunions became weird and uncomfortable.
    I’m pretty sure I’m over-thinking it all but perhaps it’s all part of why I never quite fit in in the first place.
    And yes, getting old hasn’t helped much other than to make me more aware of some of my not-so-wise actions in the past.
    Thanks for making me think it through again. I realize new aspects each time.
    Kindest regards,

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  2. Hi
    Did you know that Trent and I are doing the bleak house challenge where we are asking folks to read and join in?
    It might not be your cup of tea (cinnamon? -)
    But we would love for you to join us
    Maybe just share a summary post once you are done ?
    If not – no big deal but what’ a coincidence that you are reading this classic book at the same time our challenge runs!


  3. Ha! The reason I’m reading Bleak House is because Trent told me about your challenge – and I’m almost finished. I’ll definitely post a summary post and thanks for the invite. Yes, it’s cinnamon tea! 🙂


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