#weekendcoffeeshare 74 – Week of 6/18/22

Good morning, everyone. Come right through the house and back to the deck. It’s such a wonderful weather day that I thought we would enjoying sharing our hot beverages on our deck. The weather couldn’t be better after a horrendous heat wave this week and a big storm last night. Thankfully, we sustained no damage. Grab a coffee or tea. There is a real selection today including French press, Jamaican, and more along with some fabulous green tea. But, first, a picture of my rose begonias in full bloom. These are annuals where I live.


If we were having coffee today, I would ask those of you who have chosen green tea some questions. One of my interests, and I’ve even done some writing about this, is using diet and nutrition to stay healthy and using diet to treat/cure illnesses. I’m currently writing a spec article on the health benefits of common foods/ingredients, so I want to pick your brains a bit. Even though I prefer black tea, I always drink a cup of green tea daily. How do you like the variety of green tea I’m serving today? Green tea is recommended for many special diets that are used to mitigate illness and it is also recommended for us to just stay generally healthy.

Another interesting food that I’m researching is the lemon. Water with slices of lemon in it is particularly healthy. I’ve found that if you have certain types of liver disease, lemon water is one of the primary beverages you should drink as it makes your liver expel toxins. Myself and a number of friends try to get in several glasses of lemon water daily. It serves as a natural diuretic.

Clearly, my writing task this week is to research some healthy foods and put together a short article. I still often write and sell freelance articles on spec.

Whenever I write, I have my little dog at my feet. Her name is Clarabella and she is a very old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Someday, I’ll tell you Clara’s story. Her background and her recovery here with me is interesting reading. She’s my constant companion.

Do you use diet/nutrition to stay healthy? What are some of your favorites? Do you have a little pet who keeps you company when you work? I’d love to get your comments! Have a wonderful upcoming week and I hope to see you at next week’s #weekendcoffeeshare!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Rosemary,

    You use a term of art above that I’ve heard before but have heard defined. What does it mean to write an article on spec.Is it used just for technical / non-fiction or is it more descriptive of the type of contract that covers the writing? It sounds like something that you know in advance that it will be published (unless extraordinary happens).

    About your green tea question: I drink lots of tea and I know that green tea (on average) has less caffeine than normal black tea but I too have heard that green tea is somehow healthier, like more antioxidants than something (other teas or coffee perhaps) but I’ve also heard that all the great health qualities of green tea are shared also by black tea.

    I’ve heard that loose leaf teas are better for us that the finely ground, tea bag, teas perhaps due to their being less processed.

    I have several varieties of green teas from my favorite US Tea seller Harney & Sons. i normally keep tins of their: cherry green, sencha, genmaicha, and one with sesame seeds for flavoring (they call this blend, Tokyo). I love them all but find that my morning go-to teas are almost always one of H&S’s black teas. Their genmaicha, with the toasted grains of rice is one of my favorite green teas.


    1. Writing an article on spec simply means that you do not have a contract or agreement with the organization to whom you are submitting it for publication. Basically, you send it to them hoping they will use it in their publication. If they don’t, then you send it to someone else. Yes, to my knowledge, it is usually done with non-fiction. About tea – I also drink both black and green. I also order from Harney and Sons! I will try their genmaicha as recommended by you. I’m looking for a good green tea. No, black tea does not have all the benefits of green tea. It does have some of the benefits, however. Fresh tea (not in a tea bag) retains more of the good health benefits for both teas. Green tea retains more benefits than black tea because it is not processed (in other words, not cooked).


  2. I try to follow a healthy diet, but don’t have anything special or out of the ordinary that I do.
    My boxer Fiyero likes to be close to me all of the time, but being dogless right now, the one cat Alexander has been in my lap pretty much whenever I sit down…


  3. Awww your “writing partner” is a cutie…We do believe that much of our illness and even disease are triggered and fueled or healed by our diet and lifestyle, so yes, we try to be very aware of it and also incorporate things that will be a benefit to us. Not perfect by any means, but always aware of it


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