Blogging #HurricaneIrma – Florida: The Aftermath


The final analysis on the aftermath of Hurricane Irma isn’t in yet. In fact, it won’t be in for a long time. Why? Hurricane Irma isn’t over yet. Rain is still falling in northern Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and….well…rain will  fall in other states due to a low pressure that was Irma where hurricane rains should  never fall. Sandy already grabbed the title of Superstorm and, indeed, it was, so what are we going to call Irma? Surely, it is deserving of a title of something other than “hurricane.” Maybe phenomenon? Natural disaster? I like “force majeure.” Translated “a superior force.” There has never been another hurricane like it in recorded history.

I’m not going to quote figures in this post. I will only say that millions of people had to be evacuated from their homes in Florida and some in other states. I don’t even want to guess at the dollars in property damage not only in South Florida but in northern Florida where such damage was unexpected. As far as the Keys are concerned, the situation there is almost more than I can bear to think about. Rescue and recovery are on their way to some of the Keys that are literally underwater and others with terrible damage. I fear hearing the death toll. I only hope more evacuated than we think. Property damage in the Keys? Unbelievable. I honestly believe we will never know the death toll from Hurricane Irma.

Photos of flooding from Hurricane Irma

Millions of people experienced high levels of stress and anxiety as we watched Irma plod across the Atlantic. We tried to secure belongings and figure out where to go and what to do on a level never seen before. The situation in Houston with Hurricane Harvey was bad enough. Hurricane Irma affected an entire state. More than one state. A natural disaster? Certainly. Some say a natural disaster on a level never before seen in the United States.

From my point of view, a week of my life is gone. Lost to Hurricane Irma, The Weather Channel, and every news channel I could find. I wrote very little, my primary occupation now. I seldom left the vicinity of a computer or television. Thank goodness for my good friends who kept me company and provided sympathy. I wouldn’t have survived the week without them. I have a personal stake in Florida, but my stake is more the people I’ve met in Florida than my own property. More the “old Florida” I’ve grown to know and love than any tourist trap or attraction. I grieved for Florida this past week and will for a long time to come as it will take a long time for Florida to rebuild and recover. I hope to be there, at least some, to help.

The frightening part, at least for me, is that hurricane season isn’t over yet. I have to believe that any other hurricane will be only a pale reminder of Irma. I shouldn’t say that. The oceans are warm, too warm. Monsters are growing in them.


#18: Adventures in RV Travel: Island Cafe, Matlacha, FL


We have eaten at a lot of excellent restaurants on this RV trip. Matlacha, FL has some of the best around. The one we ate at tonight after our visit to Tropical Point was called  the Island Cafe. It has some of the best seafood I’ve eaten. But, what I want to show you is the decor. It is truly island decor as you can see from the pictures above. Hope you enjoy them. The Island Cafe is right on the water.

A Day Spa and the Trip Home: #SoCS – 2 04/17



Soon, we will be leaving Florida and starting toward our home. It will take us a while to get there since there are a couple of legs to that trip. In preparation for the trip home, today I visited a salon and day spa here in Ft. Myers. It was a great experience! Although I only had my hair done there and picked up some products I need, this day spa offered every imaginable service from massage to facials to mani/pedi. If you’re ever in Ft. Myers, drop me a line and I’ll tell you where to go! Tomorrow is an errand day, again getting ready to start the trip home.

Speaking of the trip home, we will start driving north up along the Gulf of Mexico side of the peninsula mid-week next week. I don’t anticipate the traffic to be as bad going north as it was coming south. Most people don’t leave Florida until the end of February. We will make a stop for a few days at Carrabelle RV Resort, which is on the panhandle of Florida, right across the bay from St. Georges Island. We’re meeting friends there. We know that, unfortunately, the weather won’t be as warm as we’ve enjoyed in Ft. Myers, but it will surely be warmer than it will be when we get home to Kentucky! I will enjoy having some time with my girlfriend to shop, eat out, explore, and just talk and visit. The guys plan to do some fishing. We all plan to eat great food, especially great seafood.

We will visit Port St. Joe and Appalachicola at a minimum. We’re really looking forward to it. While we will be staying in the RV Park, they will stay on St. Georges Island. I, too, am looking forward to visiting the island, its beaches, and its shops. There is a nice bridge close by.

After spending a few days there, we will start the long journey home. A friend back home tells me that they are expecting a winter storm right about that time, if long-range weather forecasts are to be believed. So we will be watching the weather from the panhandle north to Kentucky very carefully. It’s almost a straight shot north and a little east. No big mountains, thank goodness. But any slick roads sidelines a RV, so who knows when we might arrive home! Unscheduled stops are always a possibility.

We have so enjoyed these weeks in Ft. Myers, Florida. We’ll be back! I will tell you about that another time.

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