#weekendcoffeeshare 7/9/2016


Jenn stopped by my house this morning for our #weekendcoffeeshare, walking slowly, head down. As she opens my door, I say, “Jenn, are you all right?” She replies, “Rosemary, it’s been such a terrible week.” I immediately know what she’s speaking of. She’s speaking of the racial violence we’ve seen in our country this week. Jenn and I grab our cups and head to the deck to sit and talk. Jenn asks me what I think of the tension in the U.S. that we have seen this week. I tell her that this week has just been the culmination of a many incidents between police and young men over the last couple of years.

I think what happened in Dallas this week at the Black Lives Matter peaceful protest
is on everyone’s mind. In just thinking about it, I want to know what my contribution could be in fixing the racial problem in the U.S. I feel like I’m just one little person. How could I possibly help?

One way that I may be able to help is through this blog. It potentially reaches a wide audience. Not only that, but I have met some pretty awesome people who also blog here on WordPress. There is conversation among the bloggers. We talk about issues. Many of us have the desire to do something to help and we could be a pretty big group. That could translate into a lot of voices. Educating people through giving them factual information by blogging about racial violence might be in some way helpful.

Another way I might be able to help is by relating my experience from the past. I was around for the racial violence in the 1960s and 1970s. I remember the clashes between the National Guard and the people. I remember the beginnings of the integration of schools. I remember Detroit almost burning to the ground. We need to take a lesson from history. Surely we won’t let this happen again.

I also write articles for publication outside of this blog. I may add these issues to the topics I write about. Perhaps I can get my articles placed in publications where people who can really help will read them.

I think the way that I, and all of us, can help the most is by our own individual behavior. Be inclusive in our behavior. Love our brothers and sisters regardless of the color of their skin. Look beyond that. If we look beyond it, they will too. Encourage everyone to respect the police officers. They are the line of defense between us and chaos. When they tell us to do something, do it. They aren’t there to hurt us but to protect us. Encourage our brothers and sisters to do the same.

Jenn and I talked for a couple of hours about these issues in our #weekendcoffeeshare. It has been an upsetting week for all. If we all work together, we can find a solution to the racial violence problem in America. #amwriting #writing #blogging #DallasPoliceShootings


  1. Perhaps if we all say something the combined effects of our voice might help. I’ve talked about hatred and violence to some degree in the past, though usually more generically and not about race relations in particular. The problem as I see it is that there is a lot of hatred aimed at different groups – Hispanic, Muslims, blacks, immigrants of any type, anything that is different in anyway. Unfortunately we are up against the largest, most efficient propaganda machine ever created, Fox News. Oh well, we still need to try.

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    1. Fox News. You’ve hit one of my hot spots. Fox News has spread so much hatred to so many people who have bought into their propoganda. We have to fight against them. There are a lot of voices here on WordPress. We have to keep writing and fighting.

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  2. I was bussed to a school in Brightwood, a section of Indianapolis that has its issues. I was in first grade and I remember being in the playground and a group of older black kids encircled me and started kicking me as I tried to cower away from them. I remember being scared but I don’t remember being hurt. Surprisingly, it didn’t make me afraid or angry of people who were different from me. I guess I knew how scared and confused I was that I had to leave the school I had been attending and my friends and they were probably scared or upset, too. I’m sure someone described it to me this way, but I think that is also the issue here along with racism. It depends on the person. It’s very sad.

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