A Bucket List of Off-Beat Travel Destinations


Have you ever wished that you had a list of desirable travel sites — sites that you might like to travel to, sites you might like to put on your bucket list. That’s what I’m going to give you right now. These travel locations are based on my own travel experiences. Some may be locations you would expect. Some will not be on your radar but guaranteed by me. When you have the opportunity to travel, visit this list.

1. Brittany, France: Here is a travel location you probably would not expect. Brittany is the area of France in the far western part of the country. Tourists do go there but it is not as commercial as most of the rest of France. It is the peninsula in the western part of France bordered by the English Channel on the north, the Bay of Biscay on the South, and the Atlantic Ocean on the West. What makes Brittany so fascinating? One thing is that it is an important site for the King Arthur legend. You will find Merlin’s tomb and the castle associated with the Lady of the Lake, along with other Arthurian  legends. Brittany has much to offer. It was, to me, a cross between Britain and France with some Scots thrown in.

2. Portugal: Yes, the entire country and it is a country tourists forget about. A fascinating country! You have to spend some real time in Portugal to really enjoy it. One of the regions I especially enjoyed was where the cork trees grew. The Alentejo. It is lightly populated and has the largest cork forests in the world. Seeing the cork trees and learning how the cork is harvested is worth a visit. It makes up a large part of the land mass of Portugal. On the west is the Atlantic Ocean. To the east is Spain. The cork forests are mixed in with olive groves and wine estates. On the south are castles and, yes, you can stay in them for the night. When you drive through the villages, you feel as if you should be quiet. It is almost a spiritual experience. The cork trees are old. Centuries old. They keep shedding their bark and regenerating. Move on then to other Portuguese regions. You will be glad you did.

3. Negril, Jamaica: Ah, the beach, but what a beach! It is an insult to compare Negril to most other beaches. Miles of beautiful white sand and Negril is not a particularly heavily visited beach. It’s hard to reach. You can get there by a relatively expensive flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica. As far as driving there from other ports in Jamaica, forget about it. You can get there, but the roads are terrible. Negril is a very laid back, international destination with great bars and restaurants. Reggae fills the nights. Water sports and sun fills the days. Try the breadfruit for breakfast. #amwriting #writing #blogging #travel #France #Jamaica #Portugal

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