#weekendcoffeeshare 10/22/2016


If we were having coffee today, I would be so excited to see all of you! I would want to know what is happening in each and every one of your lives. I feel like I’m getting to know so many of you and I’m interested in what’s going on with you. We are quite a community, I think!

If we were having coffee, I would offer you regular coffee or decaf along with regular tea or decaf. You would have your choice of green tea, black tea, or oolong tea. Sometimes, I switch over to oolong as it is a nice change. I have an excellent green tea from China that some of you might enjoy. I have a strong Russian black tea that is serious business if you really need a jolt this morning.

I also have an excellent chicory coffee as I know some of my guests love chicory or you can choose from several blends of coffee including a maximum strength or a lighter breakfast strength.

I have added hot chocolate as it is getting cool here where I live. Please pour yourself whatever pleases you. We’re having our beverages in my dining room today. Please join me!

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you about the project of converting my sunroom to my writing room. It is almost finished and I am now in the decorating phase. My biggest challenge was heating and cooling but I was able to solve that problem. I still have the issue of window coverings. RIght now, I’m only using window shades, but I want something more insulating and decorative than that. Does anyone have any ideas? If you do, please let me know in your comments and I appreciate it!

I was able to fit a small bookcase in my new writing room. That’s where I will put all my dictionaries and other books on writing. Sometimes, I still like to consult hard copy books. I had to have another electrical circuit put into the room due to the high electrical usage in there. Not only will there be more than one computer operating at the same time, plus a lot of lights, but also a pretty powerful electric heater in the winter and a window air conditioning unit in the summer.

I’m concentrating on artwork for my writing room. I’m using some funky and odd things I’ve picked up. My friend gave me a beautiful shell coaster for my tea. I’m also using pictures I have edited myself, then had them printed and framed. Most of these pictures have been taken during my travels. I’m gradually looking for pictures I took in Europe during my visits there.

I’m thrilled that I’m actually going to be able to have some plants in my writing room. My house is dark since I live in the forest but the writing room is filled with natural light. I know I want a beautiful Boston fern hanging over a window. Any suggestions for more hanging plants or a nice plant to sit on top of my desk? The room gets morning sun. I would love it if you would give me suggestions in the comments.

That’s all that has been going on with me. I would love to hear what is going on with you. If you have suggestions about plants for my writing room or window coverings, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!

I’ve so enjoyed having you for coffee. Please come back next week! #weekendcoffeeshare #writing #amblogging #amwriting

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Thank you, Diana!


  1. For plants do you eant easy to care or beautiful and tricky. A lovely hanging basket a spider plant easy to care. A,hanging begonia is another choice. Almost any plant will grow with 6 hours of light. It sounds like you may have that. Plants in my southwest window has too strong of light and I need to set them back. Your room sounds lovely. Have a pleasant week


    1. I should have known to ask you, Betty! I can actually have about three hanging baskets. I could try a Boston Fern and both plants you recommend. I think I can find a spider plant. Finding a hanging begonia may be harder but I’m sure they are beautiful! Think I’ll try it. Thank you so much, Betty! Have a great week!

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      1. Thanks for the follow. I have been disappointed with my spider plant as in over two years no spiders yet. I guess I am giving it too good of care. I should check the roots but I don’t have the strength to do much gardening.


  2. I think I’ll try the green tea from China today thanks Rosemary. Your room sounds wonderful. With plants and art work, book cases and some window covering it sounds perfect for writing. in cosy comfort. A peace lily (spathilium?) or hanging a chain of hearts. As for window coverings I guess you have the choice of blinds, curtains or shutters. Curtains are definitely the cosiest but I’m right off curtains at the moment. Hope you work it out. Have a good week.

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    1. A peace lily sounds perfect! I think I’m going to use some kind of insulated blinds but not sure exactly what yet. Curtains would restrict the view. Yes, the room is coming together! Green tea is so good for you – mind, body and spirit!

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  3. i am a tea lover and any of them will do. but oh, i am a coffee lover, too! what to do? 😀

    i still find paperback books more appealing than e-books. must be the smell of newly bought books, don’t you think?

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