#weekendcoffeeshare – 05/27/2017


Good morning, everyone! I’m so glad you’ve decided to come for my #weekendcoffeeshare today. It has been such a rainy, stormy week that I was afraid some of you wouldn’t be able to make it. There is even a forecast of storms today! Jenn is with us today and we have some goodies for you.

I found the most wonderful cinnamon buns in a bakery in Lexington, so I brought them home just for this #weekendcoffeeshare. Please help yourself and I’d love to know how you like them. As for coffee, I have a wonderful breakfast mix in addition to a more robust mix. I also have half caff and decaf. There is cream, sugar, and even some of that evil sweetener we aren’t supposed to have! As for tea, I have a wonderful hot cinnamon green tea, along with the hot cinnamon black tea, and a tea from Paris I hope you enjoy. I have a special surprise – an oolong tea that I don’t usually have, but it is from India and is awfully good. Enjoy and come to my writing studio whenever you want.

Just take a seat anywhere here in the studio. I’ll have to warn you that I have a one-track mind today. For several weeks, I have done very little except work on my novel. I have gotten a lot of words written, but I’ve read as much about novel writing as I’ve written. There is one thing I know for sure. It is hard! If you haven’t been schooled on the intricacies of writing a novel, school yourselves! I’ve been reading about structuring the plot, writing characterizations, and even things like what makes a good villain and writing good settings for the story.

I’ve found out that it isn’t as simple as writing your story down on the computer screen or on a piece of paper. You have to write about the feelings of the characters and know how to convey those feelings to your reading audience. You have to make your characters likeable so your readers will keep on reading. If you have a villain, you have to make that villian unlikeable.

You have to develop subplots that pull the reader away from the plot, but then take them back in. Everything must tie in together, which is quite a feat.

Can you tell that my novel is all that has been on my mind? I have been blogging less because of it, but that is going to change. I’ve found out that blogging a little gives my mind a rest from the intensity of writing the novel.

As many of you know, we have a teeny little home in Florida. I just wrote a blog post about an event that is happening near where we live there, although I turned it into fiction. It is for a flash fiction challenge.

I try to catch some news every day. I always want to hear the science and environmental news. It seems that the U.S. political news is overwhelming everything. Then, of course, there was the terrible terrorist attack in Manchester, England last week. The terrorists have to sink to killing little girls. It’s so disgusting I can hardly watch the coverage.

I hope all of you are doing well personally and that your writing is going well. I read the stuff of writers on WordPress all the time. It astounds me at how the quality of the writing is so high! Thank you for coming to my #weekendcoffeeshare! May the muse be with you!


  1. Good morning Rosemary, thanks for the compliment on my blog. I smell the baking apples, I must go and check on them. I enjoy you blog, and look for it. Best on your novel. I know I really not a writer so that not so that is not an ambition of mine. Kato was 6 months old when the picture was taken and gave heart failure every time I saw him in the tree. We learned not park near a tree. Have great three days.


    1. Hi Betty, Trying to write a novel will make any of us wonder if we are writers! 🙂 I always look for your blog as well. I so enjoy it! I hope you, also, have a great Memorial Day weekend!


  2. Thanks for coffee and the cinnamon buns. Yum! World events are horrendous. It is hard to understand the minds of those that will do such acts. Like you I struggle to watch the coverage. Good luck with your novel. You have to be as focused as you are to succeed. One tip I was given was to take each character and write a story about them. What they look like, what they do each minute of the day, where their politics lie, what they are morally like, where they were born, friends they have etc. In other words make them into people that you know and knowing those aspects of the person allows you to write about them as a person (even though most of what you have written about them will never be told to the reader their character will come through. Hope you have a great weekend and week.


  3. I admire you for writing a novel, and think you just have to persevere. Sometimes I think the writing inspires itself. Good luck with it. At least you have a fabulous studio and lots of great tea to enjoy while you work. Cheers!


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