Song Lyric Sunday – The Moody Blues

The theme this week for Song Lyric Sunday is “scary.” On the surface, you may not seem why a song called “Forever Autumn” by The Moody Blues could be considered scary. Oh, not scary in the traditional sense of the world. Not haunted house scary where you walk through the house and creatures jump out at you, but the kind of scary that reaches down and freezes your soul.

The lyrics to “Forever Autumn” are below. As you read them, you’ll see that, in the first stanza, the season is changing from fall to winter and the writer feels the winter will be much more bitter because they have lost someone important to them. In fact, they want to leave they are so frightened of winter arriving. Scary. I know the feeling of losing someone important.

That scary feeling is reiterated in the chorus, which is the second stanza and again in the third stanza.

The Moody Blues convey, in Forever Autumn, what a frightening, panicked feeling it is to lose someone important to you, someone you love and they compare it to the feeling some get when the fall season changes to what could be a bitter winter. I know the feeling.

Lyrics to Forever Autumn by The Moody Blues
The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
And darker days are drawing near
The winter winds will be much colder
Now you’re not here.
I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
And one by one they disappear.
I wish that I was flying with them
Now you’re not here

Like a song through the trees you came to love me
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

Through autumn’s golden gown we used to kick our way
You always loved this time of year.
Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now
Cause you’re not here

Like a song through the trees you came to love me
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

Forever Autumn album – Moody Blues


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