Queen Victoria’s Brooch



“What do those men want, William?” Anne whispered. William and Anne were crouched in the bushes at the base of the arch bridge. Three men had attacked them about a mile away, grabbing Anne’s sweater, but they had outrun them and were hiding.

“I don’t know. We’re just tourists,” William said. They had only been in Europe two days. They heard the men run onto the bridge.

They waited for what seemed a long time and heard the men run off the bridge. They crept up the bank, peering at the road leading off the bridge. There stood one of the men, acting as a sentry. He rushed forward and grabbed Anne but discreetly.

He whispered for her to unfasten the brooch she had on her sweater and give it to him. She did as he wished.

The man ran off. William and Anne started laughing. Her brooch was a copy of the famous Queen Victoria’s Bows brooch. It wasn’t worth anything. The thieves had been fooled! #amwriting #amblogging #writing #flashfiction

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Thanks Priceless Joy!


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