The Firefly


Petra, the pixie fairy flying ahead of the others, saw it first. The glow in the grass.

“Decla,” she called to another pixie. “Do you see that glow in the grass?”

The two fairies flew down and gently landed in the grass, near the glow. It was a diamond that appeared to be glowing green because of the surrounding grass. It appeared to be growing out of a stalk, upside down.

“We have to retrieve it, Decla,” Petra exclaimed. “Call the group.”

Down swooped the group, plucked the diamond, and they flew off with the group carrying it. It flickered as they carried it through the sky.

Down below a small girl thought it was a firefly. She hadn’t seen one in a long time. She made a wish that the firefly meant her Daddy would come home. As she turned, there stood her Daddy.

145 words

#amwriting #amblogging #writing #flashfiction #fiction

Photo credit to Jade Wong

Post in response to FFfAW – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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