The snow is tangible. You can touch it. It’s cold and feels somewhat crystalline. The ocean is tangible. You can touch the water. It can be either warm or cold depending on the time of the year and the ocean you choose. Snow is never warm. Which do you find most enjoyable?

The atmosphere around both the snow and sea is intangible. Around the snow, the atmosphere has to be cold, by definition, or else the snow would melt. The atmosphere around the sea may be cold or warm, just like the sea. Does the temperature of the atmosphere determine the temperature of the sea or vice-versa? The humidity tends to be low when cold snow is on the ground. Around the sea, humidity tends to be higher but not always high. Both the temperature and humidity are intangible.

Which do you enjoy? The tangibility of the snow? Or the sea? I know the answer for me!


10 thoughts on “Tangible”

  1. I would say snow, but after my workweek surrounded by sub-zero temperatures, I think I’ll go with…neither! I love looking at both, but finally I don’t really want to get either of them “on me”. Can I choose the tangibility of a hot spring spa instead? 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    1. Not to rub it in, but on Jan 19, I’ll have a beach and a palm tree and I’ll wish you could join us! I’ll post pics! Way far south. Off the coast of Ft. Myers.

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