Snowball Fight


“Daniel, this the first snow in five years. It’s beautiful, but I wonder what it means?”

“Yes, Kate. Since that very warm winter we had in 2017, the weather during the last five years has been unheard of across the U.S. as well as right here in Kentucky.”

“Daniel, when were growing up, and even as young adults, we had big snows and brutal cold here. Now that type of weather is only in northern Canada.”

“Kate, let’s just go take a walk in the snow and enjoy it. We still have coats, don’t we?”

“Snowball fight!”

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10 comments on “Snowball Fight
  1. Dale says:

    Even in Canada, the weather is all screwy. Areas that don’t usually get much are having trouble handling it and regions that usually get a lot, hardly have any!


  2. A bit scary… to think that a handful of years could bring so much change.


  3. Iain Kelly says:

    I hope it’s not a non-fiction story in 5 years time, but sadly I think we’re already seeing the climate changing.


  4. Children and snow make for great fun.


  5. Your story struck home as it was 80 something here today, warmest February ever. Hopefully a blip.


  6. gahlearner says:

    How accepting they are. People who don’t want to see the change are blind inside and out.


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