#13: Adventures in RV Travel: January 26


WiFi and Ft. Myers Beach

Hello everyone! First, let me apologize. I forgot to tell you another problem you may have as you are RV’ing. The use of WiFi. Maybe I should say the lack of use of WiFi which is what I have been suffering from the last few days. I’ve been going through withdrawal! I have also worried about not updating my RV travels for you. Fortunately, WiFi is back…..for now. I hope I can get this blog post written before it takes a mini-vacation again.

There are some RV parks that have better WiFi than others. Usually, Pine Island has good WiFi with decent bandwidth. I have no idea what has been wrong the last few days. I have reported the problem with WiFi here several times. It’s working right now. That’s all I can say!

Yesterday, we took a great side trip. We spent the afternoon at Ft. Myers Beach. Ft. Myers Beach is not exactly Ft. Myers. It is a little town of its own, located on Estero Island, a small barrier island, across a small slip of water and connected to Ft. Myers by a bridge. One of the famous things about Ft. Myers Beach is its sugar-sand. The white sand, the consistency of sugar, that makes up this wide and beautiful beach. Ft. Myers Beach is famous for parasailing, kayaking, dolphin eco-tours, and simply relaxing. Oh, I forgot! Lots of partying!

We ate at a great seafood restaurant called The Beached Whale. I had absolutely fabulous shrimp tacos and perhaps the best non-mayo cole slaw I’ve ever eaten. I really recommend Ft. Myers Beach for a day or three if you are in the area. There are reasonably priced places to both eat and stay.

I will post more pictures of Ft. Myers Beach when my WiFi will cooperate!




  1. We discovered that most RV campgrounds dont offer good WiFi.. Unless you go into a resort that charges alot and then they might offer a tiered WiFI system (similar to the kind you get at airports) we use the hotpot function on our phone during our travels which only limits us in terms of having to find a spot without phone providers.


      1. yeah, it can get expensive. I have one of the old unlimited data verizon plans and for my work I only use up between 300 and 900 MB a day… but I dont want to overdue it and have verizon pull the plug on me. We also switched my wife over to AT&T with 12 GB in case something happens and I just purchased a T-Mobile hotspot ( $35 6GB withj 20 GB stashable) just in case . I found out that u can save a lot of data by turning background apps /sync off and disconnected devices that are not in use. Every “bit” counts

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  2. I have been enjoying your South Florida adventures. My daughter, Susan, and her husband live in Estero. So I have visited the area several times. It is an interesting place.. But we do come to realize that if the people left, the area would be a jungle again in a few years. Keep on enjoying your adventure.


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