#16: Adventures in RV – January 30, 2017


Our Neighbor, the Anhinga

We have another neighbor, who is a bird, at our RV park on Pine Island in Florida. Since he is so unusual, I thought I would share him with you. This is the Anhinga. Pretty awesome, huh? He lives at the edge of the water, one of the lakes on the property. The lake closest to where we are parked.

Our anhinga is a large bird. About four feet tall with an equal wingspan. It is a glossy black and swims underwater to fish. After swimming, the anhinga cannot fly. It has to sit at the side of the lake and hold its wings out to dry as it cannot fly with wet wings. It makes them too heavy. They also become a bit tame around people and like to sit on a perch along boat docks. Many anhinga’s live in the Everglades and close by. It will be interesting when Betsy, my dog, runs up on it!

The anhinga is a protected species.




  1. Very interesting article. You provide such vivid details, your reader can imagine this rare bird fishing and drying his wings.


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