The Old Man and Daisy


“Daisy, you and me, we gotta have ourselves a talk,” the old man said.

Lately, he thought to himself, Daisy wasn’t answering him very often. Usually, she coughed or sputtered or something. These days, not a peep.

“Did you hear me, old girl? Look at me when I’m talking to you,” he shouted. He kicked her in the side.

Still nothing. The old man didn’t understand. She always backtalked him. He had noticed she wasn’t looking so good these days.

Then he heard a voice but it didn’t sound like Daisy. He looked up. His nurse was saying, “Mr. Stevens, it’s time for your supper. Did you hear me? Who was that you were talking to when I came in anyway?”


  1. Ooh, I like how there are questions and possibilities that remain open for interpretation. Like, whether he’s in a nursing home or at his own house. And whether or not he’s projecting how he really feels about himself onto his beloved Daisy May truck. Oh! And whether he was recalling a recent memory or just hallucinating an intimate moment with the truck. Like I said, many possibilities! I like that, and I like this story. Great job with this!!


  2. this was nice that the nurse did not talk down to him. it must have been a good memory for him to remember it so well – the backtalking – precious!


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