The Piano Girl


Gracie loved her piano. She started taking piano lessons at four. She could play the classical musicians at seven. At ten, she was an accomplished pianist. She played when she was happy or hurt. She played four hours a day.

Gracie had a wonderful piano teacher when she got to college – Mrs. V. Mrs. V said she could help her get a partial scholarship to a big music school in the east. Only partial. Gracie’s family had no money for the rest. Gracie understood. She kept playing.

Until one day she didn’t. There was no time. She had to go to work and she studied for better jobs when she returned home. She closed her beloved piano for many years.

Years later, when Gracie didn’t have to work anymore, she started playing again. It took some time, but she remembered it all. It still brought her joy. Wasn’t that the point, after all?



  1. So very sad that she wasn’t able to get a full scholarship to the music college! But I love how you focused on the joy the music brings her. Wonderful story!


  2. I miss my piano classes – back when everyone in my school learnt at least one instrument, that was the one I stuck with! But like Gracie, it still brings you joy when you play it again. Lovely story.


  3. Kind of like my son and his drum set. When he was in high school, he saved up for his own set. He loved playing. Over the years, life became complicated. It’s really complicated for him now. His set sits in disrepair on our garage.

    But he’s taking guitar lessons.


  4. …Have played the guitar every day for the last quarter century, but never did master the piano (despite several attempts) – Can Relate! Nice story…


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