The Musician and the Maestro


This was her first concert in several years. Long ago, she had lost her will to play. She played a number of instruments. Cello, harp, piano, violin. Tonight, a small group was here to listen to her play cello. She was playing The Swan by Saint-Saens. She had not played it in concert since the last time she had been with him.

That was long ago. It was all behind her. She seldom thought of him anymore. That’s why she could play again.

They were all filing in now. Wait! Who just walked through the door?

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  1. Well written, Rosemary and you really took me back. Many years ago, I experienced what was a crushing dumping by a soul mate and somebody who held me in his absolute grasp. Unfortunately, he was in the process of going through a divorce and right from the start had told me he wasn’t up for a relationship but having said that, he let his guard right down in an emotional sense and drew me right in. I was singing in the Church choir when he appeared one Sunday and it was like being hit by an electric shock. I was an absolute mess. I went over to say hello to him and tripped over and landed at his feet. I’ve never been good at playing the tough guy and this catastrophe was case in point.
    I don’t miss that anguish of the single life one bit!
    xx Rowena


  2. Oh no, just when she had recovered her confidence. Nice creative take on the prompt and beautifully written.


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