The Accident


Sasha drove home from town. As she passed a driveway, she almost crashed her car as something hit her in the driver’s side door. She knew instantly it was a deer. She pulled over and jumped out. There she was, by the car. She had hit hard, destroyed the door, but she was still alive. Sasha loved the deer and fed them daily. She knew she couldn’t move her and she called her neighbor to help. She seemed to have a bad chest injury.

John knew she couldn’t be saved and humanely shot her. Sasha felt her heart break.


  1. I have a soft spot for deers, so I know how she felt. So many innocent animals perish on the roads.


    1. The person in the story was me, Michael. I’ve lived here with lots of deer for 20 yrs. that is the third one I have hit on the mountain road. I try to take care of them. There are so many.


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