Blogging and Appropriateness

Do you ever have a qualm about a blog post you want to make? Is there ever anything you really want to write but you are unsure if it is appropriate for your audience here or if it will possibly be offensive to some or most of them? That certainly happens to me.

If I write about subjects considered controversial – politics, erotica – to name just two, it always worries me about offending people. It even worries me about whether this is the appropriate forum. These days, I write mostly fiction, but I do throw in some non-fiction essays. I’m interested in a wide range of topics. I could offend any number of people.

Then again, this is my blog. People can read it or not. Within reason, I should be able to write what I want. Isn’t this all about creativity? However, if I am writing for a particular challenge and the administrator of the challenge asks that the stories be, for example, PG rated or below, I should respect that or not write for that challenge.

Having a qualm about particular blog posts happens to me often. Am I being too sensitive or is this a legitimate concern. What say you?


  1. I have been battling with that very questions since I started my blog. It’s tough. I wrote a political post one day, and it wasn’t nearly as well received as some of the others. 1 person who read it, who would ask me every day if I had done a post, stopped asking. She didn’t want to read anymore. My husband and I are about to start the adoption process, and I’d like to write about that. But unsure. Not because of how others may feel, but is it too personal? I’m afraid I haven’t been much help. But wanted you to know you’re not alone.


  2. Most of the time I stay away from controversial topics. When i bring them up, I try to be delicate. reading the news, i may have to change that rule of mine 😉


  3. I debate what I blog about as well. My hesitation stems from the fact that people are often quick to judge. Even if I write a flash fiction piece – they question its origin.
    Also, sometimes, I hesitate because my children (pre-teens) read my blog as well. I don’t necessarily want to write about controversial things that I may not have spoken with them about as yet. Though I feel when I do write what’s on my mind, it has the best response.


  4. They often ask – ‘where is this coming from’? It’s usually friends who read the blog. Often my flash fiction is sad or bleak and they often ask if I have any personal experiences that are making me write what I do in flash fiction.
    I came across this recently and really liked it

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    1. Let me tell you what happens to me. I write mostly fiction and people who know me that read it often think that it is not fiction but some story of my life – when it is not at all! Drives me crazy! 🙂

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  5. Write what you want to write. You will always offend some but I’m sure others will share your views 😃🐻

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