#weekendcoffeeshare 7/8/2017


Good morning everyone! So sorry I am a little late. I am glad we decided to meet in the coffee shop for our #weekendcoffeeshare this morning today. I am busily getting ready for my trip. I can spend a short time with you. Then, when I leave, you can hang out here as long as you like. I see the owner did as I asked and prepared his special raspberry scones for all of you plus cold as well as hot beverages. Great!

Yes, I am taking a short trip to my friend’s house, Marty, who lives in Tennessee. She is having some surgery and I am going to help out and just spend some time with her. I am sure I will write some while I am there, but it will be sporadic.

I would be so interested to know how your writing is going? I am going to try something new when blogging. I have opened a new blogging site. It is hidden from the public for now, but I will open it up at some point. It is going to be only fiction and consist of short stories, novellas, and something new for me, serialized novels. These are works I am going to try to sell. When I open it to the public, I will be very interested in your comments! The only works I won’t be selling are short stories that are characterizations of figures in my novel. They are simply to stimulate interest in my novel. So watch this space! Tell me what you think!

I hope writing and life are going well for all of you! I must go for now. Enjoy the beverages and scones and I will look forward to your comments and hope to see you again next weekend for our #weekendcoffeeshare.



Rosemary Carlson

Business Consultant and Freelance Writer

10 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare 7/8/2017

  1. A secret site in development is extra cool. I admire both your productivity and your restraint in this development phase. Best of luck with the writing. Thanks for coffee.

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    So lovely you could be there for your friend. It will really help her recovery.
    Good luck with the new blog site and fiction writing. I have really got into flash fiction and love the format.
    I’ve been at a picnic today out in the Winter sunshine and I’m heading off for a snooze.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

  3. Mmmmm, scones!! I haven’t made any in a while.. I even have a recipe that is somewhat diet friendly.. How sweet that you’ll been spending time with and helping a friend.. I’m sure she is so appreciative! Safe travels!

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