#weekendcoffeeshare – 10/4/2018


Good morning! Thanks so much for joining my #weekendcoffeeshare! Grab a cup off the kitchen island. I’ve got just about any coffee that you desire and several varieties of tea, both black and green. Join me in my writing room. I’m so happy to have you this morning.

I promised I would try to return to my blog at least for the #weekendcoffeeshare even though I’m deep into working on my novel. I would love to talk to you about my progress this past week.

Writing a novel is certainly a process. Since I am writing historical fiction, I am doing a lot of background research in advance. I have to make sure that my story is set in the proper context from beginning to end. Just think of what this encompasses! It is a story set during World War II and parts of it are in the U.S.,  but other parts are in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of the war. Even though I studied World War II in college, this requires a deeper level of understanding.

Since my novel is set in the early – mid 1940’s, everything was quite different than it is today. The cliches people used and the way they talked, the clothes they wore, the modes of transportation, the Depression-era mentality. I’m having to research all of that. Fortunately, I have a source for primary research. My mother, though she is gone now, kept boxes of World War II memorabilia. It is a gold mine for primary research for the novel.

In summary, I have been doing research this week on the settings in my novel. World-building, I guess. Making a lot of notes. I have a stack of note cards and, on each one, is a part of the setting. My settings will be in Kentucky and Northern Michigan, U.S.A., the Northern Atlantic Ocean on a War ship, the Pacific Ocean on a War Ship, various islands in the Pacific, and brief periods in the cities along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.. It’s a big job just to get the setting right, particularly when writing historical fiction.

Personally, I”ve had a disappointing week. One of my cousins and I were going to take a trip to Marquette, Michigan. Unfortunately, that trip fell through. I’m not going to be able to go until the summer of 2019.

How are all of you? How was your week? Your writing projects?

Until next week….





  1. This sounds like such an adventure Rosemary, both fun and hard work. Love that pile you have for primary research. What a journey that should be… Blessings.


  2. That sounds so exciting Rosemary! I would get totally lost in the memories in those boxes. Best of luck with your writing this coming week. sorry about your cancelled trip.

    I tried a new approach to writing this week. I’ve been keeping a diary, just writing a few lines every day, that I posted for my weekend coffee share. I’m going to try to expand my writing this fall, by trying different methods. I used to love writing (physical) diary’s. I did it for many years.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



    1. I think writing in a diary is an excellent approach. You can put together quite a story around ideas you would have never thought of otherwise!


  3. Research is the best part of writing historical fiction. Getting cliches right is key to developing authentic characters. Have fun, keep at it.


  4. That does sound like quite the task! I’d get lost in the details as well. What a fun project. Bummer about your trip, the upper peninsula is gorgeous! Thanks for the coffee!


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