The Gothic School


“This place scares me, Amanda,” Carrie, a student nurse, remarked to her friend.

“Yes, Carrie, it scares me too. I can’t believe we have to live here during our nurse’s training,” Amanda replied.

“You know this place used to be a hospital for people with smallpox?” Carrie said.

The girls were walking along the corridor of the Renfield building, now a training center for nurses. They were returning to their rooms.

The corridor became cold and the girls heard a moan.

“What was that?”

In front of them, there was a dim apparition. A person walking and moaning. They ran.

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Photo Credit Roger Bulltot


Rosemary Carlson

Business Consultant and Freelance Writer

19 thoughts on “The Gothic School

  1. Ugh, training in such a place and then having a ghost appear… nothing will be able shake these nurses once they’ve completed their training.

  2. Dear Rosemary,

    I imagine that might have been a spooky place to do their nursing training. Good bit of historical fiction with a ghost thrown in for good measure.



  3. And, this week on “Ghost Hunters”…. Excellent haunting story. If this ruin could only tell the tales… shivers….

  4. The matrons certainly shed tears over me. You have reminded me that once in 1969 on entering the basement of a early victorian hospital at night the floor turned to liquid!

  5. This picture has inspired many a ghost story. With good reason!
    Don’t think I would want to stay there either!

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