The Ghost Road


They were driving the most challenging road they had ever driven. He had altitude sickness. They had been to the Grand Canyon. When they left for Phoenix, they took a wrong turn and ended up on a road that clung to the red rock mountainsides and took breathtaking drops down.

The road straightened out. They knew they shouldn’t turn on a dirt road. Phoenix couldn’t be this way. But they followed the GPS.

Later that night, her cousin called the police to report them missing. They scoured the desert. There was no sign of them. Not ever again.

Photo Credit Danny Bowman


    1. This is a true story. It happened to us. Except the last part, of course. The dirt road led us to the creepiest ghost town I’ve ever been through and, yes, we were relying on a GPS.


      1. Give me a map any day! A friend was talking once about how his GPS guide kept telling him to move over fifteen meters, which would have had him driving in the ditch for a few miles. Glad to see you found your way home again. 🙂


  1. Nicely written piece, I was with them as the road “clung” to the mountainside. It’s interesting that I had the same take of getting lost by wrong GPS directions.

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