#AtoZChallenge – Crushing

She made her way through Grades One and Two with the little girls. Her little sisters. The two families on the hill gave her pretty dresses for school and fixed her curls just so. She had two mothers and two fathers. She did the arithmetic, the reading, the piano. They thought she was special. She didn’t think about that. She didn’t know any other way.

Then the dark morning came. Her Daddy came to her bedside early. Not to wake her for school but to tell her he was leaving. He was going to take a job far away. She wouldn’t see him for a long time. She didn’t know what a long time meant, but she thought it sounded bad. The look on his face made her afraid. She started to cry and so did he. He reached into his pocket and found three pennies. He handed them to her and told her they were her lucky three pennies. That when she looked at them, she would know he would be back.

After that morning, her life changed forever, it seemed. Her Daddy was gone. She kept the three pennies in her hand always. At school, home, play. When she wrote, read, bathed, and ate. Her mother tried to get her to lay them down, but she knew she would lose her Daddy if she did. She didn’t lay them down and now, so many years later, they are in her jewelry box.

They were her lucky three pennies and she held onto them and waited for her Daddy to come home. She wasn’t special anymore. She would never feel special again after the Dark Morning.

#theme: descriptive adjectives


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