#weekendcoffeeshare – 5/12/18


Good morning! Please pull up a chair here on my patio for #weekendcoffeeshare. I’m so glad to see all of you. On the bar, you’ll find a selection of coffees and teas. I hope one of them will strike your fancy this morning. The guy from the local bakery delivered two dozen scones since he knew I was having guests. Please help yourself!

First, I’m anxious to read your #weekendcoffeeshare posts. I’d love to know what all of you are doing and how your week has been. How is your writing coming along? Life in general?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve spent the weekend doing many things. I’ve used this week to try to wrap up some writing projects. I’ve been pretty successful with completing them. I knew that, beginning yesterday, my time would be taken up by other things.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about those “other things.” I have been wanting and looking for a Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy for 10 months now. I wanted one from a specific breeder, or at least one that had her blood lines. Finally, the little fellow came home with me yesterday! His name is Tucker and you can see his picture above. It’s hard to take a picture of a nine-month old puppy because they are constantly on the move. For his young age, he is doing amazingly well when you consider that he was just taken from his littermates and mother. This is such a good breed for a family dog that I’m just overwhelmed that I have the privilege of having this young fellow. He will be such a wonderful companion. At this age, a lot of training is required, so I’ll be busy!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about our very strange weather. Two weeks ago, it still felt like the dead of winter here in the Ohio Valley. I live on a mountain only forty miles south of the river. We had about three days of spring and now it is full-blown summer. Yesterday was 90F degrees here!

Thanks so much for having coffee with me this morning. I have to get back to the puppy!


Thanks to  electricali. for hosting #weekendcoffeeshare!


  1. Hi Rosemarie. I enjoyed your coffee chat. You’re going to have your hands full with that new little guy. Thanks for a quick view of things from the Ohio Valley. I write 10 minute autobiographical stories of growing up about an hour north of San Francisco, in a much smaller town – Petaluma. They are meant to be fun and I hope you’ll check out my coffee chat and a story or two. Hope to see you for coffee next week. Warmest regards, Gary


    1. My town is really small, Gary. 8,000 people w/o the university. I write about it a lot and about the surrounding area, which is Appalachia. I will definitely check out your stories. Thanks for stopped by and for telling me about yourself!


  2. Corgis always look like they’d be a lot of fun. Glad you have found the one that you wanted. (We have two Cocker spaniels They’re finally getting old enough to let us sleep, mornings, ’til after eight o’clock. Sorry to hear that your weather’s gone wonky too! Hard on the spring flowers.


  3. Hi Rosemary,
    Congratulations on the new arrival. Tucker is absolutely gorgeous and I was quite excited when your blog popped up with a puppy at the top. I have become the crazy dog lady and although we have 3 of our own, I bail people up at the shops and seriously look like I could be a potential dognapper. I’m just missing the pocket full of dog treats and the white van. Our pups are now 9 months old and we’re trying to teach Rosie to mellow out and not feel the need to constantly be chasing and retrieving things. She is so obsessed and the object getting smaller and smaller yet she still comes back. It’s quite funny though because a tennis ball will get reduced to a piece of green fuzz about the size of a postage stamp yet she still expects us to throw it. Meanwhile, her brother Zac prefers to chew everything up. So when I throw the stick and he gets it, he chews it up in front of her and she’s clearly not impressed. Althugh our loungeroon m is littered with stick detritus, it’s very entertaining to watch them.
    We looked into a corgi at one stage after we saw one down the street. However, they’re difficult to come by here. I also noticed that they’re high shedders and there were photos online of a cord\gi sitting beside a pile of fur labelled “another corgi”. That was a concern. However, no effort seems to be too great for our dogs.
    Best wishes,


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