The Prisoner


She doesn’t want them watching her. She has secrets. Secrets that could spell the end of her. She’s tried everything to insure her privacy.  She has instructed her crew to plant the tall grass. Maybe this will deter them and their prying eyes.

They want to destroy her. They are jealous of her. All the people buzzing around her door. All wanting a piece of her. She won’t have it any longer. The tall grass will make her home look uninhabited, run down.

Why does she have to go to these lengths? She knows who the prisoner will be – herself.


Thanks to Rochelle and Friday Fictioneers and to Ronda del Boccia for the photo prompt.


  1. Today I walked through a small area of grass that was up to six feet high, it certainly made the area look run down. Great story


  2. Sounded like she might have a bit of paranoia or be hearing voices. Or perhaps she is just a spy, with good reason to be concerned about assassination. Either way, intriguing!


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