The Writer


”You can tell I left here in a hurry last night,” she thought to herself as she attempted to clean up the mess on her desk.

“At least I took my laptop out of the filth,” she thought as she wondered why she had put a liquor bottle on her desk. She must have really been desperate.

She was on the third draft of her third novel. It had been a late night. The door swung open and there stood her agent.

”I have news,” he cried. “Your second novel has just been accepted by the publisher.”

She fainted.



99 words

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff for the prompt and Yvette Prior for the photo!




  1. Writing is like that, though, isn’t it? All-consuming until it’s as you like it, and only then can you leave it. I’m not surprised she fainted!


    1. You don’t want to see MY desk! Books and papers piled sky high. Otherwise, it looks like the desk in the photo w/o the liquor bottle. 🙂


  2. There are times you need to pretend you’re out.
    I’ve been grappling with my desk which has been suffering from writer’s brain. I do a lot of research and have multiple investigations running simultaneously. I even found one of my dog’s sticks in the pile.
    Best wishes,


  3. In my world the first novel being published is still just the stuff of dreams but I must say I like the idea (!) and I can understand domestic tasks being neglected when the writing’s going well.


  4. I hope when she comes to, she invites the agent to join her in a drink from that bottle. time to celebrate!
    (Ive been watching too many mystery and costume dramas. But Whenever a woman faints in one of those, she’s always pregnant!)


  5. This particular character pays a high price for her dream of becoming a writer, as many have done over the years. Great story.


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