The Comet Hale-Bopp


They found the darkest possible spot, that night in the spring of 1997. A flat rock on a mountain top called Lochegee. They had to climb and up they went, right at dusk.

They sat and waited for this much hailed comet. They heard voices and a group of college students joined them. It seemed like a magical, almost spiritual, time, knowing the comet had been visible 4,200 years ago.

They all saw its blue-white brilliance at the same time, right above the horizon.

When they climbed down, it was in silence, knowing they had witnessed a rare and wondrous sight.


*Thanks to Charli Mills and the Carrot Ranch for the prompt!


  1. You capture the moment of awe and connectedness through the silence after the viewing, Rosemary. The place name sets a specific local tone, too. I enjoy getting that window into your Appalachia!


    1. Just a little piece of fiction based I heard from those who saw the comet that night. I was living in the city (Lexington) at that time. That flat rock, Lochegee, is a real place of top of a mountain in the county where I live now in northeastern KY.


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