Clouded Vision – #writephoto


The cottage was in the small village that was surrounded by moorland. The scenery was beautiful outside. Green, peaceful, pleasant. The village was sleepy, but friendly. When they arrived here, they remembered how the times with her parents at the cottage were filled with love and care. They were gone now, but they had given she and her husband the lovely gift of the cottage. They used it as a get-away from high-pressure life they lived in the city. Now, the pandemic had driven them out of the city and they took refuge in the cottage in the countryside.

It was a very small place, perfect for two people, though when they came here with her parents, they squeezed in four. It had only four rooms downstairs. In the front, there was a large living area with cushy furniture and colors that reminded her of her childhood. Lots of pinks, greens, and blues. Some of her artwork from childhood was hanging on the walls along with lovely photos of this part of the country and pictures of family members who were all gone now. A big fireplace and hearth were at the side of the room with floor pillows all around. They enjoyed this room.

At the side of the living room and across from the fireplace stood a ladder leaning up to allow access to the open loft. The loft was where she and her husband slept. The ceiling was high because of the V-shaped pitched roof of the cottage. The bedding was a calm beige with a big comforter covering the bed. There were a few other pieces of furniture. Old tables used as nightstands. A trunk at the end of the bed where they could sit. It held treasures from the past. She made sure this was an inviting place. One with soft surfaces and warm throws everywhere. Soft blue filled the room.

Behind the living area was the big kitchen and workroom. An Aga stove dominated the kitchen and everyone seemed to gather here. In front ot the stove stood a long country dining table, also used for cooking preparation. Comfortable chairs with cushions were around three sides of the table. Friends came here to sit and drink endless cups of tea with them.

The small, but cozy, bedroom was at the side of the house. It contained everything a guest would need. The bathroom was by the bedroom and in it was a claw foot tub. The bathroom had been updated to allow for a shower. Her pots and creams and sticks full of color made the room smell like heaven. Potions and lotions were all around the big tub.

Because of the pandemic, he had been laid off his job, but she was still working remotely.  Coming to the cottage and the green of the moorland relaxed both of them and allowed them to think about something other than sickness and death. They planted a small kitchen garden behind the cottage. Her mother’s flower garden was also there, bursting with color and the promise of new beginnings.

She would sit with her small dog on the back porch while he puttered in the gardens. Her head were filled with love and a glimmer of hope for the future. She watched the cloud bank roll across the moorland and thought of how clouded her own vision had been in the past. There was a time she saw only despair, but that time was gone. Her vision had cleared and, finally, she realized how lucky she was to have him.


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