#22: Adventures in RV Travel – February 13, 2017


The beautiful beach


The Forgotten Coast

First, I have to tell you about the pictures above. The golden retriever, I met on the beach. Yes, the beach. You can have dogs on the beaches on most of The Forgotten Coast. The second photo is Carrabelle Beach. The third photo is a beautiful home – on stilts. On Carrabelle Beach. The reason for stilts is obvious. Hurricanes. Now, to continue………

The Forgotten Coast is a registered trademark of the Apalachicola Chamber of Commerce. It refers to an undeveloped section of the coastline of the panhandle of Florida, the portion of the coastline where my traveling companion and I have been staying. It encompasses a number of communities, including the communities we have frequented during the last few days which are Carrabelle, Eastpoint, Apalachicola, and Port St. Joe. I can attest to the fact that it is relatively undeveloped. If you want to visit this section of the Florida coastline, be sure you have everything you need with you, including groceries, because finding any sort of supplies in this area of Florida is very difficult.

Grocery stores are small and hard to find. Wal-mart? What Wal-mart? Anything more? Try Tallahassee to the east or Panama City to the west. I will do a bit more…..shall we say…..research about any area we visit in the future, but it was, after all, the Florida coast! As I stated in my last blog post, if you want peace and quiet, this area of Florida is for you but bring your own supplies! Lots of them if you plan to stay long.

It’s beautiful here. Lots of oyster and shrimping. Marine birds. Gorgeous white sand beaches. One of the great undeveloped areas, I suppose.

The good news about this trip to The Forgotten Coast has been seeing our friends, Marty and Phil. We’ve had a great time and Marty and I, who have been friends since we were four years old and in kindergarten, have been able to spend some valuable time together. We have gone to the beach, shopped, eaten good seafood out, and just hung out together. You’ll see some pictures above this post. I know I’m so glad we’ve had this time together.

Tomorrow, February 14, we leave The Forgotten Coast and Carrabelle RV Resort Park and start out for home in northeastern Kentucky. We have a minor mechanical problem with the RV. This particular RV park will not allow repairs made here in the park. So, we will have to find some truck stop or parking lots somewhere early in the trip home and make the repair. The trip will take a minimum of 12 hours, not counting the time it will take to make the repair. It is about 740 miles so it will take us two days to reach our home. Two reasonably hard days in a RV.

First photo: My friend, Marty, and I, spending time together at the beach. Second photo: Marty and I in our RV. Third photo: Rosemary, your blogger, at the beach.


  1. After lunch today we will all start home. It’s been great fun to be part of your blog this past week! It’s been an awesome trip to the Forgotten Coast. Tomorrow we head to Destin to the Emerald coastt, Destin Beach, then home to Tennessee. Your blog is awesome. Safe travels to Kentucky, dear friend.

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    1. Thanks to you and Phil for joining us! It’s been great to have a chance to actually spend some time together. We have to do this again very soon. Hope you have fun in Destin and safe travels back to Tennessee. I’ve had a great time!


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