The Light Show


Cyrus had worked all day. A convention was coming to Las Vegas. A convention of Harley-Davidson owners and bikers. The convention hotel was planning a light show for them on the Strip as they rolled into town tonight and a crew of technicians, including Cyrus, had been installing the equipment. It was finally done. Now to sit back in his room, overlooking the strip, and watch the fun.

There they came. Those beautiful bikes! Hundreds of them.They stopped at the barrier erected on the strip, before getting to Cyrus’s room.

The light show started. Lights coming from everywhere. They all sat still in awe. They didn’t expect the finale. A chorus of white angels in the sky before them.  Just a little touch thrown in. There were gasps in the crowd. All the bikers revved their bikes at once. Cyrus heard later it was a great hit!


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