“Caroline, you have disobeyed me,” her mother said, slurring her words, as she stepped toward her daughter. “Give me that doll you have behind your back.”

Caroline sobbed. Her favorite aunt gave her Dolly. Her aunt that was so nice to her. She would not give it to her mother.

“No,” she shouted. “I didn’t disobey.”

Her mother staggered toward her and grabbed Dolly from behind her back. She was drinking and she dropped Dolly on the hard floor. When Caroline looked, Dolly’s stuffing was all over the floor.

“You killed her,” she screamed at her mother. “My only doll.”


  1. Unfortunately, this could have been ripped out of my very own childhood. And, why I never had a doll until after I was married.


  2. My grandson has a favorite stuffed animal, a giraffe named “Baby”, and on those occasions when Baby was left somewhere or got lost, we’ve all gone to great lengths to reunite the two of them.


  3. That brings up unpleasant memories of toys withheld… what is it with some parents? I hope the aunt can help the child.


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